Final for monster Project



I have been working on my monster project really hard.I made the fire, the moon, the stars, and turned it into the night this week.I also moved the dog a bit.This is helping me understand layers much more than I did before.I have used the cloud tool and the gradient many times.I really like how his turned out but it was very frustrating at times because the fire and all the programs would not correspond with each other.I was so mad and I would keep switching back and forth between photo shop and illustrator.I love the idea and i’m happy i added the certain background because all the kid drew was the monster and he dog.I hope he will like he end result.

I have been more interested in this project this week because it it is fun to make it piece by piece and see it come together in the end.I am annoyed that the fire did not turn out the way I wanted o but it still looks good.I might do another monster because this was very fun.I used pantone swatches for this like my CTE program cover because the kid had certain colors like purple, green, and red.The moon looks nice thanks to the tutorials I followed.I used lots of tutorials in this project and it helped me a bunch.It was a different yet fun project so I would do it again.I got taught not to copy everything exactly so that is why i made the background like that. Stay Sweet 🙂


CTE turn in


This week, we had to turn in our final draft for CTE so our teacher could send the entries and not get them late.I think mine came out pretty well.I really like the typography light bulb because it makes it look nice and cool right in the center.The headers that are in the yellow color makes it look more professional which makes me happy.I do not think I will win but it is okay because I know that I worked hard and I am proud of myself.I did not use any tutorials for the clock or the light bulb at all which is cool.The light bulb was tricky because I had to get the spacing correct with the words also and it got me very frustrated at times.I am going to be working on my monster project now because this heavy weight has been pulled off my shoulders (this CTE program cover contest).

The monster project has more time now so I will be focused on it even more.I enjoyed this project but it frustrated me sometimes.I liked the font I used and the idea of the squares because it makes it simple but nice looking.I did not mess with the CTE logo myself because our teacher says that changing the logo more is not a good sign because that is like changing a big sign.It was hard but I got it done so I am proud of myself for finishing it.Over all, I would not do it again because it stressed em out a little bit. Stay sweet 🙂

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This week, I have been working on a monster that was drawn by a elementary school kid named Jake.I am supposed to make his drawing come to life in adobe programs.This is so much fun to me and I love this project.I am almost done with this as you can see and I might do another one.I loved making the monster and seeing the happy smiles on the kids faces.My monster does not have as much detail as my classmates so I am quite glad for that.It has only took me 4 days to get to where I am.This was fun and I love the colors the little boy used also.The monster’s name is “JAYCIN”.I love that because it is adorable.He also had a red,spiky dog that I am going to make breathe fire.Jake says that whenever his monster is happy,he destroys the city so I have to make it look destroyed.I have used the pen tool in adobe Illustrator alot so far.

I also worked on my CTE program.I still have to make a light bulb with typography in it because it looks and seems cool to do that. I am probably going to be putting the light bulb underneath the hosts.After that I will be done.My classmates are doing well but I think I am too.I am working on this because it is a big deal.Now I have to fill in information to even enter my program for the contest.It is so important because it is a big deal for graphic designers. stay sweet 🙂

Monster Kid project

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This week,I had been working on my CTE program but our teacher introduced us to a new project called the ‘Monster Project’.Little elementary kids draw monsters they want to and then they send them to us while we have to create them on our computers. I’m excited to keep on working this.It seems like a fun project because it is different from the rest.I have to use specific colors that the kid wants and it will be cool.They also gave us descriptions so based on mine, I might make a burning city because “jaycin” likes to destroy things.Mine seems simpler than some of my classmates and I am glad because I have the CTE program contest to work on also.I do not want to juggle lots of projects in my hand at once so I might be taking a break from the CTE program contest because it is not due for a while.

The CTE logo is coming out pretty well also,I might make a light bulb with the accent colors with typography in it but I do not know for sure.I am using the theme colors pretty well based on my own judgement but I can always do better.I hope this turns out great like I have it planned in my mind right now.It is going to be a busy few weeks but they are going to be fun and at the end, I will be proud of myself later on of my accomplished work. Stay Sweet 🙂


Police Project



In class, A police officer came into our classroom and asked to make a flyer about Racing a cop at driven raceway.It was an optional project but I decided to do it anyways for fun.This is a very fast moving project and the proof of concept is already due.I am hoping to make this better soon.I wrote the date and time with all the info.

Before this we were looking at propaganda posters and reading an article about it.Our teacher asked us to make our own propaganda posters.I was going to do one hat saves animals from getting killed for meat.It is cool but I set that project aside to work on this RACE-A-COP project.We had a critique on our rough drafts and I got lots of feedback like how the color is nice but how I need to make the car myself and not take someones art without permission.

Propaganda is a piece of art that promotes a statement politically.Usually the saying or phrases in propaganda  rhyme or have a connection.They can also pressure you to do things like they did back then.While there were wars they would make propaganda posters to make people join the army so they can fight for the country.I will show my final drafts soon.Stay Sweet:)